This smartphone, available at Flipkart is available in double priced on Amazon.

People have made a lot of purchase on e-commerce companies in this festive season. Smartphones are bought from e-commerce sites these days. If you have also bought from companies like Amazon-Flipkart, be careful. You may have to spend more money on shopping online from these e-commerce websites. Today we are going to tell you about one of the smartphones whose price is different on Amazon and Flipkart. Both of these e-commerce sites have a difference of up to twice the price of this smartphone.Flipkart पर मिलने वाला यह स्मार्टफोन Amazon पर दोगुनी कीमत में उपलब्ध

Reality check

The price at the official site of XOLO ERA 1X PRO is Rs 5,777. Also, when you go to buy this smartphone from its official site, it will redirect you to Flipkart. Where this smartphone is priced with Rs 5,499 in offers.

If you buy this smartphone from Amazon, then its price is double, i.e. the price of this smartphone is Rs. 12,999 on Amazon.

In the same way, you are also told the price of smartphones on these e-commerce sites. All e-commerce companies enter the Maxim Retail Price of any Smartphone on their online portal. On this, companies sell you smartphones by telling you that this smartphone discount offer is being offered. While you buy the same smartphone on the retail shop, you can get cheaper from the same phone online.

Many times we do not validate the price in case of availing more benefits and offers. The damage which we have to bear. Before buying any smartphone or other products online, you can verify the value of two or three places. Only then do you buy any smartphone or other products online, otherwise you may have to buy cheaper products at the expense price. Before purchasing any smartphone from these companies, definitely know its price about its official site.

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