People here do not wake up and people in America are paying for a nap in the nap store

Sleep is a natural process, but the news from all over the world seems to have made it seem that now it has become a global problem. According to statistics, nearly 87 percent of the world’s people are troubled by the problem of sleeping. In America, a unique way of dealing with it has been invented. There is a store open for sleeping, named Casper. Here people are sleeping in peace by spending thousands of rupees.

Those who sleep at rest during the night may feel a bit awkward, but this is true. Such nap stores (nap centers) have opened in New York, the busiest city in America. In these stores named Caspar, people come to spend $ 25, i.e., 2000 and get 45 minutes to snooze.

About 45 percent of people in New York are suffering from sleep problems. Perhaps this is the reason why people are sleeping in peace in these knap stores. Casper’s co-founder is Neil Parikh.

Talking about this, he said, “We wanted to make such a place where people can get relief. If someone is coming with red eyes, then surely he is tired. If you want, relax here for a while before leaving for the party at night. Our experience has also been successful. The money comes here and shares a snap and shares their photos on Instagram.

Good sleep is very important for a healthy life, but its easiest way is physical fatigue. In today’s comfortable life, people reduce physical hard work, so they do not have good and deep sleep. Experts have the same say. But people do not pay attention to them.

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