Offernloot Author Hunt – Become a content writer for us and boost your skills

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offernloot was started in May 2017 to provide best shopping deals, coupons, freebies, recharge offers etc to you people. It has been around 1.2 years now and we hope we have been quite successful in achieving our aim of doing so. Started as an individual venture, now we have a great team making Offernloot bigger day-by-day. We believe in a friendly environment than a work oriented professional environment, which we feel has helped us a lot in building a good rapport with the members of the Offernloot Family. Yeah we always call it a Family and also make the same thing existential.

dealnloot author hunt

Our main motive throughout the entire journey has been – Quality deals !! We always encourage our authors to post quality content only, even though they post less. Throughout this journey, Offernloot is proud to have/had authors who take precious time out of their busy schedule just to contribute to our initiative.

We are now looking to expand and therefore need more Authors / Content Writers. So we have re-instated this “Author Hunt” to get the best writers from all across India.
So do you have that extraordinary ability to find time for hunting the best deals from the internet and present it in the best way to the people ? If yes is your answer then get ready to join us !!
Qualities of a good author
Below are some of the qualities/needs we are looking for –

1 . Fluent and error-free English – This is the most important aspect as far as an author on any website is concerned. We want someone who is fluent in writing good English and makes no grammatical mistakes because poor English often leads the readers to possess a feeling of disappointment.

2. Experience in Deals & Online Shopping – We don’t want a person who does not know what is meant by online shopping deals. We are looking for someone who has a vast knowledge of all these aspects and never shops without using a coupon or offer 😉 So before applying make sure you have a fair knowledge of deals, coupons and offers.

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the growth of any online website. So if you have knowledge in this field, it would be an added advantage.

4. MS word – Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word is required.

5. Friendly Nature – We always want our users to be fully satisfied with our service. We never let our users feel that we are superior to them. Customers are most valuable to us. So we want people who can be friendly with our users and also with the entire Offernloot Team 🙂

6. Time – We want people who can give a good amount of time for Offernloot. Someone who can make around 2-4 posts in a day will fulfill the needs 🙂

7. Passionate about Ecommerce – And last but not the least, you need to be passionate about Ecommerce industry and a craving to “Never Pay Full Use Our Rule” 😉

How to apply for Author Hunt ?

1. Now prepare any good deal or offer containing all the details and formatting (as of Offernloot standard posts format).

Tip – Just have a look at the current posts on Offernloot and try to make your post also look the same.

2.. You can make it in MS Word or even use the default Gmail Compose Mail Options to add images, Headings and other formatting options like underline, italic, bold, links etc.

3. Now send it to with Subject “My Application for Offernloot Author Post” . Make sure that you write the post yourself and not take help of anyone.

Remember , sending a sample deal is very important as this would be our first step for filtering the enormous amount of applications that we expect to receive.

5. That’s it !! Now keep your fingers crossed and wait for us to contact you through mail 🙂


Note – If you are looking for making quick money, then this author hunt is not for you. We are looking for people who want to do blogging, improve their communication & management skills.

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