How Can I Know My Old Phone Best And Right Price

Smartphone maker companies are launching handsets almost every day. Smartphones are being introduced with new features and specifications. In this case, the smartphone you bought for 12 months, that is 1 year ago, seems to be outdated today. In fact, no user wants to use the phone for more than a year or two.If you are one of them and you want to buy a new phone then it would be better if you sell your old phone. But you may have some confusion about where the old phones will get good prices. Here we are telling you the way. Pricekart has recently introduced Used Mobile Price Calculator through which the old phone can also get good price.अपने पुराने फोन का सही और बेस्ट प्राइज इस तरह से कर सकते हैं पता

It assesses the value of your old phone based on its age, working components and availability.
First you have to select your mobile model. Whenever you select your phone model, keep in mind that you have selected the right variant. If the phone is with 32 GB storage, then select 32 GB only.
After this, it will have to select how old the phone is. You are less than 6 months, 6-12 months,
You can choose from any of the more than 12 months.

Now you have to select the available items. It will include a phone bill, charger, earphone and box. Keep in mind that the price of your phone will also depend on available items.
Now you have to tuck the phone’s working components. These will include front camera, back camera, charging, Wi-Fi, speakers, display etc. You just tick the ones that are smoothing on your phone.
After this you have to click on Find Price button. This will tell you the best price of the phone.

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