Good news for Facebook State One new feature

While introducing a new way of expressing itself for more than two billion Monthly users, Facebook has launched a new music feature. This will include the option to add songs to photos and videos to be shared on Facebook Story.

Facebook said in a statement, “And, we are going to bring it into news feeds too.” Facebook said that soon its users will be able to add songs to their profile. The feature of adding songs to photos and videos on Facebook will work exactly the way it does in Instagram.प्रतीकात्मक फोटो

Facebook said that besides this he is going to launch the ‘Lip Sync Live’ feature, which he revealed in June. This feature can create profiles by syncing lip with user songs, which will be released to users all over the world.

A statement from Facebook said, “We will extend this feature to as many artists and creators as possible and will also provide this feature in the page so that they can connect with their fans in more ways.”

Facebook removed 87 million photos of child abuse in 3 months

Explain that Facebook has said that its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Technologies have helped remove its 87 million photos related to child abuse in the last three months with its platform. Facebook informed that more than 99 percent of these photographs were removed before the user complained.

Facebook uses identification of children’s harassment content on their platform with extensive use of technology. Facebook said it will join hands with other industry partners, including Microsoft, to build tools for smaller companies from next month, which will prevent children from being victimized by sexual abuse.

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