How to Link Aadhaar Card with Vodafone Mobile Number Online & Offline


Vodafone Aadhar Link – How to Link Aadhaar Card with Vodafone Mobile Number Online & Offline??

Hello! What’s up!? Here is Special Guide to Vodafone Aadhar Link Online Process. Yes, we will see How to Link Aadhaar with Vodafone Mobile Number Online and Offline both. We already Posted a General Guide on Linking Aadhaar with Any Mobile Number. Now you can Register Aadhaar with Vodafone Mobile Number Online too. Well, you might be little confused by reading somewhere that Vodafone Adhar link online is not possible. But don’t worry because it’s possible and we will know the Vodafone Aadhar Link Online Process here along with Offline Process

From Dec 1, Government has announced to Launch a System through which you can Re-verify any Operator SIM and Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number from Home through OTP System i.e., Online Method. Isn’t it a Good News? Well, we will add the full process here once this feature is implemented. Stay Tuned
You must have received an SMS or Call from Vodafone asking to Re-verify your Mobile Number through Aadhaar based Biometric Verification. As per Government, All the Customers or any Operators in India have to re-verify their Connection through Aadhaar Card Biometric Verification. This is also known as Re-verification of Existing Connection or Customer. This is must for all the Customers to keep their Connection or Operator Services Active. As per now, the Last Date to Link Aadhar with Mobile Number is 6th February 2018.

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We already have published Guides on How to Link Aadhar with any Mobile Number? Or How to Register Aadhaar with Mobile Number? You can refer them if you want to Link Aadhaar with any other mobile number

We are adding Frequently Asked Questions on Aadhaar Card Mobile Number Link. So check them below and you can ask your queries in the Comments below. ?

Vodafone Aadhar Link Documents Required

There are few things required before you Link your Aadhaar Card with your Vodafone Mobile Number to keep it Active. The Requirements are Really Very Common, just check them below:

  • Aadhaar Card or Aadhaar Number (Soft or Hard Copy will work)
  • Your Active Mobile Number with you while Re-verification
  • OTP PIN Sent to your Mobile Number
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scan

How to Link Aadhaar with Vodafone Mobile Number Offline?

Here are the Easiest Steps to Link Aadhar with Vodafone Mobile Number Offline by Visiting Nearest Vodafone Store or Retailer.

Step – 1: First of all, Visit the Nearest Vodafone Store, Mini Store or Retailers Shop where Vodafone Aadhar Link is done. Do carry your Aadhaar Card Number, your Mobile Number which is to be Re-verified and the Person whose Aadhaar Card is used (for Fingerprint Verification).

To know the nearest Vodafone Store around you, check Vodafone Store Locator: Click Here

Step – 2: Now give your Vodafone Mobile Number to the Agent or Retailer of Vodafone along with the Aadhaar Card Number.

Step – 3: Once the Agent or Retailer start the Vodafone Aadhar Link Process, you will receive the One Time Password (OTP) on your Vodafone Mobile Number which you are Re-verifying. Just submit the OTP to the Retailer/Agent.

Step – 4: Now Put your Finger on the Biometric Device or Fingerprint Scanner. The Person whose Aadhaar Card is linked has to do the Fingerprint Verification. So put the finger of that person for Biometric Verification.

Step – 5: Upon successful Biometric Verification, the Full Aadhaar Details of the Person will be displayed on the Screen. Just confirm or edit the details as asked by the Retailer or Agent and they will process it accordingly.

Step – 6: That’s it. You will receive the Confirmation SMS on your Mobile Number within 24 hours. You can reply to that SMS with “Y” to confirm the Vodafone Adhar Link Process.

Done. Vodafone Aadhar Link Offline Process or Re-verification is Completed. Now your Vodafone Mobile Number can be used without any risk of Service Discontinuation.

For Airtel, Jio, Reliance, Aircel, Uninor, etc. Users:

For Idea Users:

How to Link Aadhaar with Vodafone Mobile Number Online?

First of All, Let me clear one thing. Yes, you can do Vodafone Aadhar Link Online. It’s possible but only for the Verified Retailers or Agents. You can too become the Retailer or Agent temporarily to do the Re-verification process if you wish not to do it offline.

This will require few more things, including a Biometric Device or Fingerprint Scanner which may cost you few bucks. You will also need an Agent Account or Retailers Verified Account for which you will have to Apply, maybe by visiting the Vodafone Store or Calling Customer Support and through App also it’s possible (which may take few days).

If you are an Individual, then I will recommend you to visit the Offline Retailer or Store for doing Vodafone Aadhaar Re-Verification to avoid additional costs.

Still, if you still wish to do Vodafone Adhar Link Online then check the full requirements and steps below.

Vodafone Aadhar Link Online Requirements

Here are the things required to proceed with Online Vodafone Re-Verification or Vodafone Aaadhar Activation Online. If you are a Retailer or managing Store then this Guide will help you to help your Customers link their Aadhaar Card with Vodafone Mobile Number. Vodafone also offers Rs 5 or more for each Re-Verification done by you. So you can also earn for helping your Customers link Aadhar with Mobile Number.

If you are an individual then also you can apply for Agent or Retailers Account and Earn by Doing Vodafone Aadhar Link Online for your neighbours, friends or relatives. Check the things you require:

#1 – Agent or Retailers Verified Account

Agents and Retailers have the capability to do the Vodafone Aaadhar Activation Online and can do the Vodafone Aadhar Link of their Customers. So if you don’t have the Agent or Retailers Account then you need to Apply for it.

How to Apply for Vodafone Agent or Retailer Account?

Visiting the Local Vodafone Store: You can Visit the Vodafone Store and Request for the Agent or Retailers Account. They may ask some Proofs of your Shop or the Reason why you need. Just submit the things they asked and you will get the Retailers or Agent Account using which you will be able to Link Aadhar Card with Vodafone Mobile Number.

Using Vodafone Connect App: Download Vodafone Connect App and you will see the option to Apply for Retailer or Agent account. Click on “Want to become retailer option & just fill out the asked details and one of the Vodafone Executives will call you and help you get the account.


This is the Basic Requirement of Doing Vodafone Re-verification online.

#2 – Biometric Device or Fingerprint Scanner

Since the Biometric Verification is Compulsory, you need a Fingerprint Scanner or Biometric Device to take the Fingerprint of the Person whose Mobile Number Re-Verification is Done. If you want to do it online then still you will need a device to read the fingerprint and submit to the Aadhaar Card Data Servers for Verification.

Some Dealers or Vodafone Executives offers such Devices for Free to their Agents or Retailers since they Help Customers in Re-Verification. But the chances are less. Still, you may ask Vodafone Executives to Get you One Fingerprint Scanner or Biometric Device.

If not, then you always have an option to Purchase it. We have got best Suggestion for Biometric Device. Check it below:

Safran Morpho Fingerprint Scanner is the Best Device available with Good Reviews at Flipkart. Order it Online by clicking button given Above.

#3 – Android Phone with Android Version Kitkat & Above

For Vodafone Adhar Link Online, you must have an Android Smartphone with Android Version KitKat (v4.0) or Above. If you don’t have it, then arrange for it. Because the App we will use for Online Aadhaar Mobile Verification will be Supported in Such Android Phone and the Fingerprint Scanner will be Supported in Android Smartphone with KitKat or Above Version. 🙄

So these were the three must have things to Link Aadhar with Vodafone Mobile Number Online. Now let’s check the Steps to do Vodafone Aadhar Link Online. ?

Steps to Link Aadhaar with Vodafone Number Online

Step – 1: First of all, Download Vodafone Connect App from Play Store:

   Download Now

Step – 2: Now Enter your Vodafone ETOP Number (Retailer Account Number) and Verify it through OTP.

Step – 3: After Successful Login, you have to add Agent. You can add yourself or any other Agent in the Vodafone Connect App. Enter Agent Aadhaar Card Number and do the Fingerprint Scan using the Biometric Device to Add the Agent Successfully.

Note: Connect the Biometric Device you have with the Android Phone you are using to do Online Aadhar Mobile Link. You will also need to Download the App for your Fingerprint Scanner in order to read the fingerprints on your Phone. The installation process will be available in the Fingerprint Scanner Owner’s Manual.

Step – 4: Once you add the Agent, you are ready to do Vodafone Aadhaar Link Online. Now click on Update Vodafone KYC Option.

Step – 5: Enter the Vodafone Mobile Number which is to be Re-verified or to which the Aadhaar Card is to be linked.

Step – 6: Enter the OTP Received on the Vodafone Number which is undergoing Vodafone Aadhar Link Online Process.

Step – 7: Now you have to Enter the Aadhaar Number of the Retailer. If you are the Retailer, then enter your Aadhaar Number and do the Biometric Fingerprint Scan to Verify your Identity.

Step – 8: On next step, Enter the Aadhaar Number of the Subscriber whose Vodafone Number verification is going on.

Step – 9: Confirm or Modify the Details loaded from Aadhaar Number and ask the Subscribe to do the Fingerprint Scan in Biometric Device.

Step – 10: That’s it. Once the Verification is Completed, Vodafone Aadhar Online Verification is Successful. The Subscriber will receive the Confirmation SMS within 24 hours.

Hope the Guide Helps you. We tried our Best to Simplify the Guide and Help our Readers Understand it Completely and Easily. If you have any questions then you can comment them below.

Did You Know?

You can easily Change your Aadhaar Card Data like Address  Online using your Smartphone or Computer.

Now make changes to  your Residence Address, Add or Edit your Full Date of Birth, Change your Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number Online.

Vodafone Aadhaar Link FAQs

What if I don’t Link Aadhaar With Vodafone Mobile Number?

Before the Deadline of Aadhaar Mobile Link, if you don’t do the Vodafone Aadhaar Based Re-Verification then your Services will be stopped and you won’t be able to use your Vodafone Number anymore. So don’t take this step lightly, it’s compulsory for every Customer.

What is the Last Date to Link Aadhaar with Vodafone Number?

The Last Date to Link Aadhar Card with Vodafone Mobile Number is 6th February 2017.

Is it Possible to Link Aadhaar Card with Vodafone Mobile Number Online?

Yes, Vodafone Aadhar Link Online is Possible and we have added the full guide above on How to Do it. You can also Earn Free Recharge (ETOPs) by Starting Vodafone Adhar Link Online. ?

Do I have to get any other documents along with my Aadhaar number to complete the re-verification?

Not necessary and not even required anyway. You just need to come in person with your Aadhaar number and your active sim card or connection to complete the E-KYC Based (Aadhaar based) re-verification. It’s too easy and 5 min process.

What if I am Outstation now, How can I link my Aadhaar with Vodafone Mobile Number?

Currently, there’s no official announcement from Vodafone nor from Government in this regard. So stay tuned and wait for the Confirmation.

I stay in Delhi but I am in Gujarat right now. Can I re-verify my connection in Gujarat?

Sorry, it’s not possible currently. No Telecom Operator will be able re-verify your account if you are in another location. The re-verification can be done only in the same circle in which your connection was bought. And as per now, there is no official notification or information from Government too.

Is it necessary to Link the Aadhaar Card of the real owner of Mobile Number?

No, you can link anyone’s Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number if you have access to the Mobile Number. If you are using Mobile Number of your Father then while re-verification, you can use your Aadhaar Card and Link it to the Mobile Number. The ownership will get transferred to the Aadhaar Card Holder. ?

What will I earn for Linking Customer’s Aadhaar Card with their Mobile Number?

This will depend on your Area and Operator. Currently, Vodafone is Offering INR 5 per Re-verification to every Retailer.

Are there any fees for Linking Aadhaar Card to Vodafone Mobile Number?

Ans: No, it’s absolutely free. If someone asks for money or charges you then simply complain to Customer Care about it.

Got any more queries or doubts? You can ask the Question or Doubts through the Comment below. We will try to Help wherever Possible. Share this Guide with your friends if you found this Helpful. Thank you!! ?

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