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we have been looking at prepaid plans offering 3GB everyday information and higher from driving telcos like Airtel, Jio, and Vodafone. Today, we should take a gander at prepaid plans that offer 2GB fast 4G information for every day from the above administrators. So read the Full post to know about  JIO VS VODAFONE VS AIRTEL BEST PLAN COMPARED

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Firstly WE will Talk about  Jio, they have a handful of prepaid plans that offer 2GB daily data. The only differentiators between those plans are their cost as well as the validity. Jio’s 2GB daily data plans start at Rs 198 having a validity of 28 days. That’s how you end up claiming a maximum of 56GB of 4G data within the stipulated period. If you prefer a longer validity, you can consider some other alternatives like Jio Rs Jio Rs 398 plan (up to 140GB data valid for 70 days), Jio Rs 448 plan (up to 168GB data valid for 84 days) or Jio Rs 498 plan (up to 182GB data valid for 91 days). If we do some cost per GB calculation, Jio Rs 448 plan offers better value for money out of the lot. It provides 168GB of high-speed data with a cost per GB of Rs 2.66. These plans also offer free calls (local, STD and roaming), 100 SMS per day and access to premium Jio apps and services.  JIO VS VODAFONE VS AIRTEL BEST PLAN COMPARED


Airtel has 2 plans in this segment, catering to different audiences with different validity preferences. Starting with Airtel Rs 249 plan, which is valid for 28 days. So, users end up with 56GB of data with a cost per GB of Rs 4.44. Airtel Rs 499 plan, on the other hand, is ideal for those who seek a longer validity (of 82 days). That’s how users end up claiming 164GB data with a cost per GB of Rs 3.04, turning out to be better value for money for Airtel users. Both the plans offer free voice calls (local, STD and roaming) and daily 100 SMS.


Last but not least, Vodafone may not have better plans in this segment compared to those offered by Airtel and Jio, but they are not so bad either to make their current customers switch to competitor’s network. That being said, Vodafone also offers a couple of plans here: Vodafone Rs 255 and Vodafone Rs 511. Out of these two, Vodafone Rs 255 plan is valid for 28 days. Since users get a total 56GB data, the cost per GB ends up at Rs 4.55. The only disappointment, users don’t benefit from 100 SMS per day. But if you want a longer validity and daily 100 SMS, Vodafone Rs 511 plan is valid for 84 days. In comparison, Vodafone Rs 511 is better value for money given the cost per GB of Rs 3.04, similar to Airtel Rs 499 plan, as well as 100 SMS per day. Again, both the plans have support for free local, STD and roaming calls.

And how can we not mention our current favorite Vodafone Rs 569 plan? It offers 3GB daily 4G data for 84 days and costs Rs 569. Yes, you will need to shell out Rs 58 extra for this plan, but in return, you get additional 84GB data and the cost per GB drops as low as Rs 2.26. That’s better than anything on this list.

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