How Can I Renew My Jio Prime Membership Easily?

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Jio Prime Membership will terminate today, Saturday, however it is free for an additional a year for all clients who have effectively bought in once. Be that as it may, the recharging procedure isn’t programmed, and you have to apply to get the Jio Prime broadened benefit for one more year. Be that as it may, considering the system has 175 million custmers, and a large portion of the supporters would likely have the Prime Membership, it is conceivable a few Users may not see the message to broaden the membership. On the off chance that that is the situation with you as well, there’s one thing you can do.

Jio Prime Membership Renewal Option Not Visible in MyJio App? Try This

You are probably not seeing the message to extend Prime as you are not an active Jio user despite purchasing the Rs. 99 subscription. If you don’t see the banner asking you to get service for another year, force quit the app and stream videos for 15 minutes or so using – and this is important – Jio 4G data of the number whose membership you are trying to review. Once you’ve done that, start the MyJio app once again, and login using the same number — you should now be able to see the banner message prompting you to apply for Jio Prime membership renewal.

Once you see the message, you just need to follow the standard renewal process. Tap on the Get Now button in the banner, and you will see a message saying the operator is extending the subscription for one full year, and the numbers registered to you below it. Simply select the number whose Prime subscription you want to extend from the list, and hit Proceed. Your subscription will get renewed in a couple of hours.

The Mukesh Ambani-backed telecom operator launched Jio Prime last year in an effort to provide its services to consumers at ultra-low cost prices after 6 months of free operations. Prime is, in fact, necessary if you want to recharge a Jio SIM card nowadays, even though it started as an opt-in programme. Notably, if you have not paid the Prime fee of Rs. 99, you will have to pay for the subscription, as the service extension is free only for existing subscribers.

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